On the sauna raft, you can enjoy the warmth of our spacious log sauna while watching the beautiful Oulujoki River through the window. When the stones of the sauna stove get too hot, you can plunge into the cool river and then chill out with your friends in our peaceful lounge. 

While in the sauna, you get to enjoy the hot but soft air of our wood-fired sauna. At the sauna, you always have the opportunity to go swimming in the river (in the winter, we make a hole in the ice). 

On the sauna raft, you also get to enjoy the warm fizz of our outdoor hot tub. 

In the public sauna, please keep your swimsuit on and bring your own towel.

In the winter, we recommend that you wear a wool hat in the outdoor hot tub. We also recommend that you wear sandals or bath slippers in outdoor areas.

The café is always open during the public sauna opening hours.


Mondays & Wednesdays 17-20 and Sundays 14-18


Sauna 10€ Children 8€ Students 9€

Hot tub 4€ in addition to the sauna fee


In the winter, you can enjoy the refreshing experience of taking a dip in a hole in the ice. Winter swimming is always included in the price of the sauna.

Whenever we’re open, you can also go swimming in the ice hole without the sauna for 3 euros a time.